Fall Catering To Go

We are now centrally located at 264 Butter Lane, Bridgehampton, NY for convenient pickup and offer delivery throughout The Hamptons. (Delivery is subject to availability & charges do apply) 

We require 72 hours advance notice for all orders (From the time it was received. Our offices only receive orders during normal business hours. Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 5pm) Please call or email info@hamptonsartofeating.com  with any questions or to place your order!

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Deviled Eggs – Please Select: 2 Dozen $48
Classic, Preserved Lemon,  Ras El Hanout, Crab,  Bacon or Basiled
Quesadilla; Cumin Crema. Please Select:
Three Cheese $12.50 each
Jalapeno Monterey Jack, Avocado, Poblano and Scallion Add Shrimp + $3 $14.00 each
Lemon Fava Spread with Toasted Pita Pint, Serves 4-6 $18.00
Little Montauk Lobster Rolls with Chiffonade of Green Thumb Lettuce in Potato Bun (Assembly Required) GF Option Available in Bibb Lettuce $124 2 dozen
Cajun Marinated Beer Steamed Shrimp; Lemon Dill Sauce 2 Dozen $69.00
Steamed Peeled Shrimp; Classic Cocktail Sauce and Lemon 2 Dozen $66.00
Hot Kale Caesar Salad Dip (Serve Warm) Serves 12-15 $36.00
Kabocha Squash, Caramelized Onions, Toasted Sage and Catapano Goat Cheese Tartine – Puff Pastry “Pizza” ½ pan $98.00
Seared Filet of Beef Roll Ups – Crunchy Organic Vegetables and Microgreens Rolled in Seared Filet of Beef with Horseradish Cream 2 Dozen $74.00
Napeague Harbor Littleneck Clams – Corn and Pancetta  Butter or Casino 2 Dozen $51.00
(Great as an hors d’ oeuvre or order 6 per person as an appetizer)
Nueskes Pig in a Blanket; Horseradish Mustard 2 Dozen $43.00
Almond and Goat Cheese Apricot “Truffles”  2 Dozen $46.00
Beet & Goat Cheese “Macaron” 1 Dozen $24.00
House Smoked Striped Bass Dip, Cucumbers & Dill – A little spicy Pint $18.50
Bite Sized Bonac Clam Pies 1 Dozen $36.00
House Made Ricotta – Honey and Cracked Pepper Grilled Pears Quart, Serves 4-6 $42.00

Bigger Bites

Hand Sliced Faroe Island Smoked Salmon with Capers, Chopped Red Onion, Lemon; Horseradish Cream; Pickled Rye $150 – Serves 6 $260 – Serves 12
Artisanal Cheese Platter with Local and Imported Cheeses $125 – Serves 4-8 $175 – Serves 8-12
Handcut Cumin Scented Tortilla Chips Serves 12 $26.00
Farmstand Crudités ~ Dipping Sauce Serves 6-10 $95.00
Add Radishes with Miso Butter or Beet & Goat Cheese Macaron
Our Own Handcut Potato Chips with Sea Salt or Garlic and Parsley Serves 10-12 $40.00
Our Own Handcut Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt or Kickin Barbeque Spice Serves 10-12 $40.00
One Great Guacamole $26 pint $54 quart
Sweet Potato & Blackbean Taco with Jicama Radish Slaw, Feta & Lime Crema – Hard or Soft Corn Tortilla  – Assembly Required Dozen $48.00

Soup, Salad and Such

Beautifully Presented on Wooden Boards
Soups – Give us a call, find out what we’re making this week!
Baby Organic Kale Salad with Toasted Walnuts and Sour Cherries; Apple Cider Vinaigrette ½ pan, Serves 8-12 $95.00
DIY – Bacon Lettuce Avocado Board – Crisp Nueskes Bacon, Organic Romaine, Avocado, Hard Cooked Egg Halves, Basil, Microgreens, Carissa’s Bread, Sriracha Mayonnaise Serves 8-12 $120.00
Winter Tricolora – Raddichio, Endive & Arugula with Grapefruit, Pistachio, Pecorino Shavings; Vinaigrette ½ pan $105.00
Frisee, Milk Pail Apples & Shaved English Cheddar, Warm Bacon Dressing ½ pan $95.00
Quinoa with Fava Beans, Pickled Red Onion, Celery and Sautéed Shiitake ½ pan $115.00
Tuna Poke on Soba Noodles with Yuzu Dressing Pan $250.00

Main Deal | No Fuss

Whole Grilled Striped Bass – Serves 16-20 for dinner entrée 10 lb min Approx. $360, Price by Weight
A whole boneless fish stuffed with citrus, oven-dried grapes and fresh herbs, grilled over maple wood – serve at room temperature
Whole Grilled Salmon –  Serves 16-20 for dinner entrée 10 lb min Approx. $325, Price by Weight
 A whole boneless fish stuffed with citrus, oven-dried grapes and fresh herbs, grilled over maple wood – serve at room temperature
Turkey Meatloaf – Six mini, juicy meatloaf’s. Great to stock up on for quick, easy meals right out of your freezer. ½ dozen $55.00
Chicken or Vegetable Pot Pie – Flakey All Butter Crust – Organic Chicken, Peas, Root Vegetables & Mushrooms in a Light White Sauce $49.95
“The Big Rig” – Large Imported Rigatoni with Tomato, Shitake Mushrooms, Swiss Chard and House made Ricotta ½ pan $125.00
Montauk Fluke en Papillote – Roasted Sang Lee Tomatoes, Winter Fennel and Baby Turnips So Easy – Ready in Minutes! 6 Individual Portions $216.00
Boneless Short Ribs – In a big bodied sauce finished with Very Good Olive Oil & Sherry Vinegar Serves 6 $216.00
Vegan Enchilada with Avocado Relish and Cashew Crema


All Organic  – All the Time !
Fabulous Macaroni and Three Cheese  ½ Pan $105.00
Organic Baby Bok Choy, Frizzled Shallots & Ginger  ½ Pan $85.00
Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Lemon, Chili & Walnuts Quart $21.00
Celeriac Remoulade Quart $19.00
Creamy Yukon Gold Potato Puree Quart $17.95
Squash Caponata – 3 Kinds of Squash, Fennel, Orange, Sweet Peppers, Capers & A Touch of Cocoa  ½ Pan $120.00
Classic French Leeks Vinaigrette Quart $22.00
Salad of Organic Lentils, Oven Roast Organic Tomatoes and Thyme Quart $18.50


Plum Streusel Crumb Bars  Dozen  $55.00
Cara Cara Orange Pavlova (Some Assembly Required)  ½ Dozen  $68.00
Angel Food Cake with Pear, Brown Butter and Pecans   $55.00
Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies
With Nuts $4.75 each $52 Dozen
With Sundried Cherries $5.25 each $59 Dozen
Buck Eyes ~ Chocolate and Peanut Butter ~ You Never Had It So Good $24 Dozen
Handcrafted Cookies.- Choose one kind: 2 Dozen Medium Sized Cookies $36.00
Oatmeal, Pecan and Sour Cherry ~ Lemon Shortbread ~ Jam Thumbprints ~ Rosemary Shortbread ~ Salted Chocolate Chip Crisp ~ Kitchen Sink (Thick soft cookie loaded with everything but the kitchen sink)
Walnut Clouds 2 Dozen $36.00
Pumpkin Maple Cheesecake Serves 10 $79.00
Spanish Olive Oil Cake Serves 10 $89.00
Apple Dried Cranberry Cobbler


Grilled Onions ~ Perfect for Filet $13.50 pint $26.00 Quart
Lemon Dill Sauce ~ Great for Salmon or Grilled Chicken $18.00 pint
Classic Horseradish Cream $14.50 pint $28.00 Quart
Sweet and Hot Tomato Chutney ~ Perfect on Grilled Lamb or Duck ~ Awesome with Cheese $8.50 half pint $15.50 pint

Good Morning | Wake and Bake

We do the hard part – you just pop these treats in the oven and wait for the good smells to reach the noses of your family and guests. . .
Breakfast Bread Pudding – Apple, Berries & Cream Cheese – Oven Ready  ½ Pan $87.50
Breakfast Strudel ~ Scrambled Eggs, Gruyere and Organic Spinach in Flakey Phyllo 3 Portion Roll $25.00
Breakfast Strata ~ A Breakfast French Toast with Eggs, Sweet Sausage, Tomato, Basil and Two Cheeses  ½ Pan, Serves 6-10 $87.50
Fresh Fruit Platter Serves 12 $125.00
Orange Hazelnut Scones Half Dozen $30.00
Blueberry Scones Half Dozen $39.00
Prosciutto, Cheese and Garden Herb Scone Half Dozen $30.00
Ham and Cheddar Pinwheels Dozen $65.00
Flakey Buttermilk Biscuits Half Dozen $18.00

How Much Should I Order? 
It really all depends on what type of meal you’re attempting to achieve for how many people. If you’re ordering a variety of bites, salads, mains, and sides – use the lower end of the spectrum in the quantity. If you’re only ordering a few items – assume people will take hearty portions of each.

Half pans are usually a sufficient quantity of salad or sides for 6-12 people.
Quarts of soup & sides are good for 2-4 people or dip for 8-10.
For meats, we recommend approximately 6-8 oz per person (more if you want leftovers)

“The food was SENSATIONAL. It was so delicious & beautifully presented. I plan to recommend you to all of my clients. The salmon, so perfectly cooked & so gorgeous. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this happen. I so look forward to working with you in the future” – Kimberly, Tide & Thyme Property Management

“We had a really yummy party thanks to The Art Of Eating. The salmon and salads were perfect. The passed apps were devoured. But those margarita pops sent people into a frenzy of delight. Thank you again for partnering with me to figure this all out & get it organized.” – Michael