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"Expressive ....Creative...Satiating"

How do you describe food so delicious that you can almost taste it as you are reading the menu? Since testimonials are the best form of referral, we have a long list of satisfied clients. Food presentation and quality is of the utmost importance to Art of Eating. Invite your guests with the confidence that they will thoroughly enjoy the food, from a visual standpoint as well as taste.

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food03.gif (26804 bytes)  "One of New York's Best Caterers.."

                                      New York Magazine

"Best Caterer in the                         Hamptons"

                                  Hamptons Magazine

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          "Art of Eating is about the Art of Perfection...

                                               .........No event is too big or too intimate for this adaptive couple"

                                                                                                           Country Magazine          

  "A world-class catering company that only buys the best to serve the best"

                      The Food Network
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"No worrying about any details with this company"

"In Style"  Wedding Magazine       

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